Thinking of selling your home?

We view hundreds of homes a year to keep abreast of market trends and conditions. Roost's boutique-like style gives each of our clients personalized attention and tailored service to fit your lifestyle and real estate needs.  I walk my clients through a thorough consultation to stage and effectively market each home resulting in a timely sale with maximum return. 

Marketing Your Home

Selling your home is a complex project, one with financial and legal implications. As your Real Estate Project Manager, I'll coordinate all of the details of your real estate transaction with one goal in mind: To protect your interests.

What does this mean exactly?

In general, it means I’ll be a proactive partner, taking on as much of the responsibility and stress of your sale as I am legally able. I’ll be a fourthright advisor, providing the information you need to make informed decisions - And I’ll be a welcome buffer between you, other real estate professionals and prospective buyers.

More specifically, it means I’ll take all of the responsibilities listed below. However, as each listing is unique, there are often additional responsibilities that I will shoulder to ensure a successful transaction.

I’m dedicated to ensuring that my services offer efficient and valuable support to you to alleviate anxiety and allow you to focus on the end result of your real estate transaction. My goal is to ensure your home selling experience is a positive one... and by limiting my client load - I’m available when you need me.



Preparing your home for the Market:

1 Week Lead Time

  • Preview your property and make suggestions for improvements that will increase positive market response.

  • Determine a list price based on comparable sales, current competition, and your timeline and priorities.

  • Coordinate your completion of all the pre-listing paperwork.

  • Discuss showing instructions and offer-review procedures.

  • Create .pdf’s of Property Disclosures to include in RMLS online listing.

  • Professional interior and exterior photos to show your homes best assets and get buyers in the door.

  • Draft marketing “spin” to appeal to the target market for use in flyer, RMLS listing, online advertising, etc.

  • Design and print a unique professional flyer and 200 color postcards.

  • Create and place as needed any interior notes (Steep Stairs, Please Remove Shoes, etc.)

  • Install an RMLS lockbox with door keys.

  • Place a yard sign on the agreed upon date and attach Perma-flyer.

  • Enter the complete listing including photos, and disclosures in the RMLS on the agreed upon date.


While your home is on the Market:

  • Advertise the Listing, Locally + Nationally on, Real, and on

  • Mail 200 color Postcards to the surrounding neighborhood to announce the listing.

  • Syndicate through Roost Realty’s Website.

  • Sunday Internet for Open House

  • Post on Craigslist, and over 200 other Websites including Trulia, Oodle, Google, Vast, Zillow, Lycos, Homescape, Backpage, HotPads, PropSmart, Local and many more dramatically increasing your listing’s exposure.

  • Host an RMLS Broker Tour the first Tuesday the listing is on the market.

  • Hold an Open House the first Sunday on the market and once monthly thereafter.

  • Contact showing agents with updates and price changes.

  • Follow up with agents regarding showing feedback.

  • Monitor the competition weekly, checking for new or changed listings that may vie for the attention of the same target buyers.

  • Strategize future actions for marketing, price adjustment, property improvements based on feedback and market conditions.

  • Communicate directly with you via e-mail / phone at least once a week to keep you up to date on your home’s activity in the market.



Once an Offer comes in On Your Home:

  • Explain the pros and cons of the particular offer or multiple offers. Price, financial qualifications of buyer based on source of funds, amount of down payment, amount of earnest money, loan type, contingencies, etc.

  • Strategize with you, your response alternatives: Acceptance, Counter Offer or Rejection.

  • Contact the lender directly to verify the financial capability of the buyer.

  • Write precise contractual terms that protect YOUR interests.

  • Keep tract of transaction timelines / deadlines and paperwork.

  • Coordinate repair bids and/or repairs as needed.

  • Follow-up regularly with the buyer’s agent, lender and escrow office, appraiser etc.

  • Coordinate signing of closing documents and transfer of the keys.

  • Keep you in the loop at all times during the pending sale and handle any activities that arise between the listing of the home and close of your sale.