Thinking of a new home?

A Good Agent 

We like to sit down with our clients first to go over the whole house-buying process.  We walk you through each step so that you have a good understanding of what to expect as we navigate you through viewing homes, making an offer, going into escrow, negotiating repairs, and closing the transaction. 

First things first, getting pre-approved.

The first step to home ownership is to obtain financing.  Establishing yourself with a lender from the start is going to prepare you to move forward when you find the right house and let you know what you feel comfortable purchasing.  When your Realtor presents your offer on a home, your pre-approval letter will let the Seller know that you are financially able to purchase the property.  
Choosing a reputable lender is important.  Credit history, type of loan and purchase price are all factors that will determine the rate you’ll be offered by your mortgage lender.  Because there are so many financing options available, it’s wise to obtain Good Faith Estimates from more than one lender.  Give yourself the advantage of getting an early start.

Home Search

We would love to meet with you to help narrow your home search, but if you'd like to get a head start you can search for homes here!