Meet Heather Alvarez...

With fifteen years of real estate experience, six completed home renovation projects, and three years assisting project teams at an architectural firm, Heather knows how a house goes together!

A native Oregonian, Heather helps clients successfully navigate the real estate industry from condos on the east bank to homesteads on the west.  She's especially passionate about restoring homes, project management, and educating her clients.  

With new buyers and sellers, Heather will first walk clients through the whole buying/selling process to make sure you feel informed, illuminated, and active in the process. She then works with a trusted team of inspectors and contractors to guide buyers to make a smart purchase.

Whether restoring, relocating, or roosting,  you're in good hands with Heather.


Meet Rushie Ellenwood…

Born and roosted in the Pacific Northwest, Rushie loves using her dogged determination + ninja organizational skills to help clients navigate this ever-changing market. From micro homes, to dreamy NE ranchalows, to perfectly situated Westside stunners, this research-savvy agent is ready to find your best nest.

Prior to joining Roost, Rushie spent years in various writing and advertising roles, where she eventually figured out the key to great sales: you have to believe wholeheartedly in what you’re selling—which lead directly to real estate.

A devout minimalist equally obsessed with thrift stores, Rushie is well-equipped tackling estates and downsizing that feels daunting. Additionally, she’s got a kid in PPS and has toured countless houses with a baby in tow, so you can be sure she’s immune to screaming children (and knows decent coffee is generally a plus).

When not obsessing over tedious tediousness, Rushie is probably: drinking craft beer with friends, living that hammock life, reorganizing a junk drawer, or speed walking at Fernhill Park. Not that your agent needs to be an Olympic-caliber speed walker...but it doesn’t hurt, right?

In short: whether you’re a new kid on the block, flying the coop, or just want to challenge her to a speed walk, Rushie would love to hear from you.